Thin Moments

[wpaudio url=” Good News.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – The Good News” dl=” Good News.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Hosea” dl=”″]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Jeremiah” dl=”″]

[wpaudio url=” Warrior.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Mighty Warrior” dl=” Warrior.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” Burning Bush.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – A Burning Bush” dl=” Burning Bush.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” With God.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Wrestling With God” dl=” With God.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” God in the Garden.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – With God in the Garden” dl=” God in the Garden.mp3″]

2 thoughts on “Thin Moments

    • Hi this is Eva Chandler!!!! I am going to read the bible in 90 days!!!!! Or maybe 200 in my case!!! God is my rock, my savior, and my friend!!! Some people wish that God could talk back to them when they talk to Him. But He does talk back. Maybe not in words, in texts, in calls, but in love <3
      P.s. I go to your church too!!

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