Kingdom of God

[wpaudio url=” have Holes.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Foxes have Holes” dl=” have Holes.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” Children and the Rich.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – The Children and the Rich” dl=” Children and the Rich.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” and Crippled.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Blind and Crippled” dl=” and Crippled.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” Kingdom that Listens.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – A Kingdom that Listens” dl=” Kingdom that Listens.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” the King.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – A Kingdom Like the King” dl=” the King.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” Kingdom is Near.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – The Kingdom is Near” dl=” Kingdom is Near.mp3″]

[wpaudio url=” is King.mp3″ text=”Benjamin Neeley – Jesus is King” dl=” is King.mp3″]

Kingdom of God

One thought on “Kingdom of God

  1. Another excellent sermon. And, I get the example about the substitute giving instructions over and over. Sorry to say that the Lord has to do the same for me many times. So thankful He continues to love me and that I continue to seek Him.

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