What We Believe


We believe that there is one true God who is the Creator of everything. He exists equally in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He always has been and He always will be. God’s number one priority is to have a loving relationship with His creation.


Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God. He is the Christ, the Savior of the World. As an equal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, He was truly God in human form. Jesus lived a sinless life in which He healed the sick, raised the dead, and performed many other miracles. Jesus gave Himself freely to die on the cross as a sacrifice for us. He has taken the sins of the world on himself and has conquered death through His resurrection. Through all of this Jesus has removed the barrier of sin so that God might again have a relationship with His creation.

Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit coexists as an equal with God the Father and God the Son. He is present to make the world aware of its need for Jesus. He also lives inside us from the moment of our salvation. The presence of the Holy Spirit in one’s life will produce love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in a Christ-follower’s life. It is this presence that helps Christians become more like Jesus. Without the Spirit, Christians have no power to change. The Holy Spirit is God living in us.


We believe that God created humanity so that He might have a relationship with us. Man decided to not participate in that relation and chose the chaotic life that we now know. Since man chose to leave the garden, God has been planning to reunite with his lost creation. Jesus Christ is the permanent answer to our separation from God. His willing sacrifice and resurrection have cleared the barriers of sin on the road to a relationship with God. We believe that salvation is by grace through faith. We believe that we are connected to this grace through our baptism.